Colorado – Graduate Science Roles Keywording Examples

I am a recently graduated Biology Student that has developed high-calibre analytical and research skills in addition to a wealth of detailed knowledge related to Biology. I possess an aptitude for detail when handling samples, following regulations, and adhering to strict health and safety protocols.  Has gained experience in Microsoft Office,  Information Systems software, and other related software.

Finished research in a laboratory with various testing methods including texture analysis, bomb calorimeter and testing to test the organisms in each product. Worked in a research laboratory environment, as well working within strict protocols and procedures.  Adhered to all laboratory protocols whilst undertaking all necessary cleaning tasks in order to maintain a clean, tidy and hygienic environment.


Different Subject/keywords and Words for Science and Biology

Animal Biology 

Animal science

Animal Health



Body characteristics

Environmental science  

Agricultura business      

Safety and health           


Plant science    

Environmental science  

Project management

Waste management      


Food legislation

Quality systems

These are samples for a role in certain Graduate science roles.