General Samples of Managerial Wording and Keywording

Establish, develop, and maintain business relationships across Colorado with current customers and prospective customers to generate new business and build customer loyalty Quoted, priced, and agreed rental terms for access equipment to both sole traders, multinational constructions, and facilities management companies. Increased attention to customer retention and sought out new clients by using a current established B2B network of contacts with attendance at industry trade shows, workshops, and other networking events.

Provided timely and comprehensive solutions and answers to client questions, worked and liaised with the Digital Marketing and Sales Teams in Colorado department in the restructuring of sales plans  Increased the rate of customer retention by focusing on weekly existing client feedback and contracts for new and existing clients when products and services were ordered. Designed engaging promotional and Marketing materials and attended international trade events on behalf of company. Participated at trade show events, and provided information about new products and services through quarterly customer seminars.  Carried out weekly sales meetings, monthly account reconciliations, and worked to cut costs and ensure all financials were in order. High proficiency in Google AdWords & Google Analytics, AdWords Consultant Certs and SEO – Search Engine Optimization Certificate.

Managerial and Marketing Keywords: Client Management, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Account Management and Sales, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Business Development, Customer Service Strategies, Website Management and Design, Salesforce, Communication, Employees Management, Customer Service Strategies, Motivating, Document Management

I have increased the rate of customer retention and re-designed the company website, creating the company social media profile and implemented a more profitable and successful online marketing strategy.