Professional Resume – Page 1

Firstly, ever Resume is different and has different requirements. Page 1 of any Professional Resume has to outline all the key elements of your experience, achievements, skills and educational in a clear and professional manner. It must also communicate your talents that directly relate to the job description. I find that adding a personable tone to any Resume to be very successful. On a monthly basis I format and write Resumes that can be used to target National and International roles in a vast array of industries. I normally spend 4-6 hours on each Resume in order to comb through the wording, keyword it properly and do the required amount of research. With 6+ years experience across every industry, I am very confident I can create a Resume that will show amazing results. 


Our clients say

"I am absolutely delighted with the Resume and Cover Letter. I am already getting positive returns and will be more then happy to recommend your services to others"
Hilary shea
HR Manager
"As a construction manager, I have a list of project a mile long, and my Resume was 9 pages in length. Sean edited it down and condensed the whole lot in two pages. It looks and reads great"
Mick Reilly
Site Manager/Foreman

Professional CV – Page 2

The second page of the Resume should serve to reinforce much of the information on page 1, and (again) clearly outline every aspect of your career to date. It should also include relevant education and your career in a field or profession that directly correlates to the roles you are targeting. It has to be keyworded with specific buzz words and keywords to pass the ATS. Additionally, cluttering, bad grammar and confusing formatting will only serve to do you an injustice.



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